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Linlithgow, Falkirk and West Lothian

Spanish Classes in Linlithgow and Falkirk for your holidays to Spain and Latin America

Fun and Enjoyable

Learning doesn't have to be boring. I think you learn better if you are enjoying yourself.

We can all get a bit nervous when learning new things so we build week by week to help you feel happy with your new found skills.

My step by step approach will help your grow in confidence and you'll be ready to go on holiday with your new language skills.

Many travellers and tourists report that they get better service if they can speak Spanish, and the locals always appreciate the effort you make to speak with them in their own language.

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Perfect for Beginners

Your classes are structured over six weeks, and are designed to take you step by step to the point where you can communicate in Spanish in a variety of everyday situations.

Handouts are given every week and you will have plenty of practical guidance and ample opportunity to practice your new found skills in a friendly and supportive small-group setting.

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Practical Learning

Why spend time learning things you won't need?

Our classes are designed to give you an understanding and the confidence to speak Spanish in the real-world situations you are likely to encounter on your travels.

Ongoing support is provided through our private facebook group. You'll be able to join after your first class.

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Step-By-Step Learning In An Enjoyable Group Setting

Lila makes things fun and easy to understand. Her teaching style is very patient, and I was surprised just how quickly I picked up phrases to help me be more confident the next time I visit Spain"

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