Spanish Classes For Beginners in Edinburgh

6 week practical, conversational course for holidaymakers and beginners.

My 6-week course costs: £120 p/p for more details call 01506 243880 or send me a message

Classes in Edinburgh from 7.30pm - 9pm

Taster Session Date Course Dates (7.30pm - 9pm)
Wednesday, 16th January, 2019 Wednesdays, 23rd January - 27th February 2019
Come and join my Spanish classes! They are perfect for beginners or holidaymakers.
  • Tired of pointing at things when you are in Spain?
  • Losing patience practicing with an app?
  • Feeling a bit lost with so much to learn and are looking for a simple structure?
  • Looking to connect with more folks and practicing Spanish?
  • Feel that as a visitor your should be able to have the basics of the Spanish language at least?
  • Are a  regular visitor to Spain ,or another Spanish speaking country
  • Looking to make a big move and live in Spain?

If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions then my practical Spanish classes can help.

As a non-English speaker I had to learn the basics I wasn’t taught in school and in turn, gave me the idea to design a course of those practical things you are interested in in Spanish.

Beginners Spanish Classes Edinburgh

My Spanish classes are a bit special because you learn what you are very likely going to use when travelling to a Spanish speaking country instead of learning the language academically.

We will have reviews during class, and ideally you will want to have someone to practice with in your own time (students often team up on the phone, or over a coffee).

I encourage folks to communicate, regardless your level of knowledge. Mix up English and Spanish! Don’t wait until you “say it right” or until it’s “grammatically alright”. The point is to get it out of your head and listen to yourself talking.

I know you can do it! Nobody is testing you.

When I learned English my grammar and the order of my sentences wasn’t great, however I always had a helping hand in my English-speaking friends. You just meet the other person half way in their language and they’ll do the other half, so you both meet in the middle.

I open my group Spanish courses with a free taster class, so you get a taste of Spanish and a feel for the class. These free taster classes help you to know the very basics of the language and at the end of this class you can decide to enrol the course. I provide the material for this evening therefore your registration is very important.

My group classes are 90 mins. long and your book is included in the cost of the course.

A good dose of trust in your teacher is important to infuse you with enough confidence to give Spanish a go. I love to teach my classes in a “don’t take yourself too seriously” environment.

Learning something like a language should not only be enjoyable but also another way to know yourself.

There’s a wonderful quote by Geoffrey Williams, “You can never understand one language until you understand at least two”, so get ready to explore even your own language!

Get in touch now to book your place on the next Spanish For Beginners classes in Edinburgh.Call 01506 243880 or send me a message

Edinburgh Venue:

Quaker Meeting House 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL

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