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Express Spanish Course!

Online sessions are wonderful as you don’t have to leave home to learn practical Spanish. You’ll learn online (via Skype) with me. We’ll meet up twice a week communicating and sharing learning materials just as you would in a classroom. You’ll be surprised at the speed you’ll learn!

Whether you are planning a holiday abroad or just want to learn practical skills next time your Spanish speaking friend comes to visit you, I can help you.

I will ensure that your receive instruction that will enable you to feel more confident in these situations Cost is £170. Contact me to give you more details for payment.. Contact me to give you more details for payment

Only 2 slots available in July 2018 

Morning sessions from 10.30 am – 11.45 am

Monday 9th, Wednesday 11th,  Monday 16th, Wednesday 18th , Monday 23rd & Wednesday 25th


Evening sessions from 7.30 pm – 8.45 pm

Monday 9th, Wednesday 11th,  Monday 16th, Wednesday 18th , Monday 23rd & Wednesday 25th

A couple of testimonials:
I really enjoyed Lila’s Spanish lessons. I am not exactly a beginner in Spanish when I started having lessons with her, but still, Lila has helped me to be able to communicate more naturally and fluently. She has an amazing ability to help me not to hesitate when I am speaking. The classes were really fun, light, joyful and very clear. I benefit immensely from it.

Thank you so much!” YunShu Fang / Taiwan







My Spanish lessons with Lila have been so much fun! I had been speaking a little Spanish for many years but wanted to increase my confidence and increase my ability to have a normal conversation and Lila made it so easy. With her hour-long lessons over Skype, we chatted, slowly at first and she taught me the words I didn’t know along the way. She’s a patient teacher who is passionate about helping others and knows from her own experience the difficulties and reservations regarding learning a new language, so she teaches in the most compassionate way, praising you as you go. I can’t believe how much my vocabulary and ability has grown after just six lessons! I occasionally work in Spain and Mexico as well as spending time there for holidays, so this has given me a huge boost that I am incredibly grateful for. Thank you so much.

 You’re awesome! Lee Johnson / London

How Do I Get Started? Use the contact form and we can arrange details.

I have written 2 books (both for beginners) to help you get familiar with the basics.

Each of these books has been designed keeping practicality and usefulness in mind so that at the end of the courses you are feeling much better prepared to face those “challenges” awaiting in a Spanish speaking country.

Spanish For Beginners Level One and Level Two are both covered over a period of 12 lessons if taken together. If taken individually then just 6 lessons per level. 

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