Nallely = Te amo

My name means “I love you” it comes from a Mexican macrolanguage (this word means a mix of different languages or dialects) called Zapoteco.  Spoken in the states of Oaxaca and Veracrúz.

My parents changed the original way: Nashiely to Nallely at the registrar office, they thought Nallely looked nicer.

I remember having 2 wonderful teachers in my school days.  First was my Mathematics teacher, Amaro was his name. He was Oaxaqueño.  He knew what my name meant, and pronounced it correctly.  Occasionally calling me by its meaning.  His speciality was playing football.

The second teacher was my Spanish teacher. His name was Angel, he used to arrive to our classroom shouting out loud “How are my champions?”, he always said we were born winners since the moment we won the race over millions of sperms to fertilize the egg.

Anyway.  Oaxaca is my favourite state and I have wonderful memories.  One of my most valuable is visiting the Zipolite beach years ago with my mother, it is considered to be a nudist beach.  We both spent a whole week together.  The hotel was pretty basic, yet it didn´t matter.  Bathing in the sun, watching surfers, drinking vodka, jumping in the local transportation going from one place to another and of course, enjoying the local food was a winner.

The second time I visited Zipolite I went on my own and stayed at the same hotel called “Lola´s”.  I had the chance to meet other travellers, playing the guitar, singing and being my own version of a hippy: eating one ice cream after another until we were full, smoking like mad, drinking cerveza and sun bathing.

I met for the first time a “Yogi” from New Zealand.  He was different, he wanted to master his surfing skills and the feeling of being hungry, he didn’t have a penny to continue his trip, yet, it didn´t matter, he played the guitar and sang. I was impressed by his way of living.

I had my first sun burn experience.  Not nice.  I used frozen aloe vera (sábila) for a few days until my skin felt better.

After a few days in Zipolite I travelled by bus for a few hours until I arrived to the city of Oaxaca. I wasn´t prepared for the dizzying amount of curves, I threw up my breakfast! Once in the city, I stayed at a local backpackers hostel.  Nice and clean.  Feng shui style.

Met more friends and all booked a Mezcal taster session.  Their special offer was: If you drink our 20 different mezcales, we invite you for a meal.  I really tried! Ended up not remembering a thing, I really laughed a lot though!

I booked a couple of more trips. I went to Montealbán, also visited an archaeological site that was supposed to be closed to the public, yet we took our torches and did the trip at night.  We met a local couple that kindly offered us dinner at their place and witnessed the most magnificent view of a clear and stary night.

Hierve el Agua was another impressive visit.  All of the people I met have a special place in my heart.  All of these memories are of my very early 20´s.

My trips continued, I met more people.  Got involved in different groups to help the world being a better place.