Growing Confidence and Daring To Have Fun

Growing Confidence and Daring To Have Fun

My confidence speaking English has gradually been incremented by being exposed to the language in all sorts of environments.

Confidence grows as your attention is more absorbed on delivering your message rather than entertaining thoughts and doubts of how well you’re performing.

It also has to do with being good to yourself and paying less attention to those times where you made a mistake. “Mistakes” are inevitable, just don’t let them stop you.

Dare to have fun
We usually enjoy more watching others pulling a smile on us rather than being us putting a smile onto others (why is You’ve Been Framed so famous…I wonder).

Dare to have fun while learning, surely you’ll encounter people that won’t hold a big smile if you make a mistake or said something in a funny way.

It’s all part of learning. Taking yourself less seriously as you walk the learning path, is the best attitude, my husband would say “Relax! Take the Chill Pill”.