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Linlithgow, Falkirk and West Lothian

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Classes in Linlithgow from 7.30 – 9pm:

Tuesday, 5th June – Tuesday, 17th July (free taster class on Tuesday, 29th May) Note: There will be no class on Thursday, 19th June due to Marches Day

Tuesday, 4th September – Tuesday 9th October (free taster class Tuesday, 28th August)

Monday, 5th November – Monday, 10th December (free taster class Monday, 29th October)

Venue: The Cross House, in the Centre of Linlithgow, EH49 7AL our classroom is called The Cellar which is in the ground floor, enter the venue through the glass doors facing car park.


Classes in Falkirk from 7.30 – 9pm:

Thursday, 20th September – Thursday, 25th October (free taster class Thursday, 13th September)

Wednesday, 31st October – Wednesday, 5th December (free taster class Wednesday, 24th October)

Venue: Trinity Falkirk Parish Church, Manse Place FKI IJN on the High Street (opposite M&S). our classroom is in the cafeteria of the church.


Spanish Class General Overview

Cost 6-week course: £120 p/p (pay by bank transfer preferably) 

Some testimonials:

What we learned in the classes came in very useful during our recent trip to Spain.
All of the practical tips we covered came in handy and made the holiday a lot better.
Best wishes, David / Linlithgow

We were a bit nervous at first, however, this very quickly disappeared when you meet Lila. I could say hello (hola), tomorrow (mañana) and order a beer or coffee, and I knew a few numbers. However, after 6 weeks I have just phoned a restaurant here in Spain and booked a table for 2 at 8.30pm with a bus pick up. All in Spanish. Oh yes, the guy at the other end of the phone totally understood and repeated it all back in English to make sure. So there you go. It’s not a classroom like I remember, we are all learning at the same pace and I’m sure I would have learned much more at school if all the teachers were as patient kind and caring as Lila is. So there you go, don’t think about it too long. P.S You meet some new lovely people also. Andy Bryce/ Bathgate

About the Taster class. Thank you for tonight, we really enjoyed the challenge. You were very welcoming, which made it much easier for us. Craig and Linda / Falkirk

I think I have just done one of the most enjoyable classes for a long time and challenging at times but fun! Carol W. / Bathgate

Telephone buddies…I really enjoyed the class and trying to communicate in Spanish with everyone. I thought to have telephone “buddies” was a great idea! Anne S./ Polmont

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the company. Jim M./ South Queensferry

In Mallorca on my first ever solo trip, I checked into my hotel entirely in Spanish, introduced myself and I even managed to ask where the bathroom was in Spanish! Julie G. / Linlithgow

I was so pleased when I was asked to give my mobile number to my friend Miguel this afternoon! I managed it in Spanish. He was impressed! Ann D. / Stirling

I’ve just completed the 6-week class on a Monday evening at Low Port Centre. Lila is an excellent teacher, very encouraging and lots of speaking Spanish throughout the class. A great group with lots of laughs. I certainly had to revise regularly at home to keep myself up to date and weekly conversations with phone buddy were also good fun and of great value. Anne M. / Linlithgow

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