Learn more efficently

What’s your motivation for learning Spanish?

Most folks reply “because I am tired of pointing at things” or because “I’d like to be able to reply at least a few words in the language” my classes will give you that push to get you there. 

I’ll do anything possible to help you, the classes are relaxed but dynamic and at other times a bit quieter. Either way, I will encourage you to participate and try out simple conversations.

It may happen though while the class is taking place, your attention is somewhere else distracted perhaps with things you didn’t get done. This internal dialogue absorbs your attention and instead of being attentive to the class, your feeling is that you don’t get anything from it.

It’s the same in many areas of our lives actually.  Our bodies are here, but our attention wanders into the past or the future, making really difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time. Therefore I invite you to consider practising some meditation.

Myself as a meditator and teacher of meditation have enough experience in this area. I practice a series of techniques called Ascension. They can be used with eyes open anytime during the day and eyes close before bed.

The results after learning the first technique are remarkable, I wish you could experience it yourself!  To find a class, please click here.  There are free talks available if this is something you’d like to do.

 Give me a shout on 07760.720098 or email me: lila@hellotospanish.com it would be a pleasure to help.